Marc Broussard, whose charitable efforts in his home state of Louisiana are extensive, will headline this year’s show. His SOS Foundation uses music to raise money for causes about which he is passionate.  Marc has sold out numerous shows at the Kessler in the past with his eclectic mix of soul, funk, R&B and rock. Here are some critics’ opinions:

“Few modern voices are as powerful as Marc Broussard’s soulful Bayou-bred baritone” – THE WASHINGTON TIMES

“…The guy can really sing with power, nuance, and class. Anybody got a phonebook? I’d listen to him hum a few pages” – LOS ANGELES TIMES

“A blue eyed soul singer with a broad, soulful voice nicely scraped around the edges. Somewhere between country and soul, he slipped through the crack which has left him oddly, and wrongly, underappreciated.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“His voice stands above all others in the field. Quite simply, Marc Broussard is the reason they invented soul music.” – PERFORMERMAG.COM

The Sweet Remains is an unusual band, headed by three gifted and charismatic singer-songwriters, each of whom contribute to the writing and three-part harmonies that define the band’s sound. Their songs easily appeal to fans of modern folk rockers. However,  it is their lush harmonies that distinguish them from other troubadors and harken back to super groups like CSN, the Eagles and Simon and Garfunkel.