Justin Roelant has been on the Houston music scene for over 5 years now. Roelant learned guitar from his mother when he was eight years old and is influenced by the music of Chris Cornell, Phil Keaggy, Jeff Beack, and Jeff Buckley.

The title track of Roelant’s first album, “Music to Change the World By” is not about the music changing the world. The song and the album explore the idea that there is a song in life that everyone hears and it subtly calls each of us to seek truth, to seek beauty, and in the pursuit of these, we are changed. 

Roelant’s songwriting, sometimes ironically, questions the effects of this beauty in the world. What pauses in our souls at the sight of mountains and oceans? What are the local and eternal echoes found in the love of family and friends; the kindness received and given of strangers? What are the damages and the redemption of the hypocrisy of moral people; the internal and external struggles of isolation and connection? 

Roelant’s debut album released two Billboard charting radio singles, “Soda Pop Kids” and “Staring at the Sun”. The singles have been played all over America and several other nations. “Soda Pop Kids” ranked as high as number 3 on the Billboard charts and was in the top 10 for several months.

Joining Justin is the West End Band, which features talented musicians from across the city.