Wherever the Folk Family Revival plays, the ground underneath seems more a sanctuary than a stage. Sure enough, the Lankford family, Mason, Barrett and Lincoln, once filled a pew at a Magnolia, Texas church, where the brothers became fast friends with their soon to be brother and lead guitarist Caleb Pace. They played Rock n Roll in church for a time, until the congregation found them a little too wild for their flock. So the family dug up their roots from that place and headed home to the little shed next to their parents’ house, the blue house, where the brothers honed their craft.


Beneath many hours of cosmic contemplation, tempered through many hours more of pressure and concentration, the boys fashioned a sound; clear and righteous, bold and forceful, complex and simple at the same time. Mason’s lyrics ride the narrow edge of paradox and preaching, while the rumble of the band propulses with the fury of sacred rage. They’ve come to shake the windows and rattle the walls. They will go down fighting. 


With their record releases thus far, 2011’s “Unfolding” and 2015’s “Water Walker,” the band of brothers’ music has evolved and left fans guessing with each rendition of their ever-changing sound. Now, on the brink of releasing their new record, “Electric Darlin”, in June 2019, one can appreciate the multi-genre direction they’ll taking with their new sound.