The Love Project Live By Sharee Davis
“The Love Project is a Documentary and Live Music event focused on the journey of falling in love. We interview Houston residents, asking them about their deepest love and their most difficult heartbreak. These filmed responses are woven into our documentary, as we compose music that represents the feelings conveyed, and we play them live.  Our goal is to create an all-inclusive space where we can all come to connect, heal and grow as lovers.”

Project Summary

The love project is a multidisciplinary artistic endeavor headed by our lead artist, Sha Davis, in collaboration with a multitude of talented community artists around the city of Houston. The focus of this work is to create community around the challenges and success that occur throughout the experiences of love and heartbreak. Starting with her documentary, Sha interviews residents of the city of Houston asking questions about love, heartbreak and healing. From there, she and her music director compose pieces that represent the emotions expressed in these interviews. Sharing this work with fellow artists, each of them create work in their disciplines that also captures these experiences but from their perspectives. Each piece created is geared towards not only identifying the depth of emotional transitions one goes through but expressing them in ways that bring the audience into the piece to share their own.  Creating captivating music,  paintings, textiles, sculptures, and documentaries all in the name of coming together to discuss how love has changed us and how we aim to become better lovers for ourselves and those around us. All of this is experienced in an immersive event that brings all of the artists together to share their work and their growth through the journey of falling in love.

Sha Davis Bio

Sha Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Mississippi. Raised among some of what she considers, “The most powerful women in the world,” Sha spent her youth learning her communities traditions and embarking in some of the more forgotten rituals from the foundation of black culture in America. Growing up on a farm, on plantation land with a lineage of sharecroppers, Sha began to dive deep into what brought her ancestors peace in times of lost autonomy. One of the closest things to healing in the Deep South, is playing music and if you’re blessed enough, singing. Sha began to explore singing in her community church, then in her school choir, then in the All-State Touring Operatic Choir and then as an award winning Operatic Vocalist. During this time Sha began singing and acting in Theaters and Set Design gained her interest, this eventually lead to sculpting, painting, lighting and fashion design. As time grew Sha created her band Sha Davis & The 1990’s, that focuses on her performance art and music. She also Co-Founded House of HER, an All Female Art Collective here in Houston. House of HER creates Set Design for stage performance, videography, photography, plays, weddings and more. They work in the community as activists and create works that reflect the diversity in our communities. House of HER also plans and executes events as well! Sha has forged a path of her own in her community and she continues to develop ways to connect, such as, The Love Project which is the 2023 recipient of the City of Houston and Art Alliances, Let Creativity Happen Grant.