Maggie Belle

Maggie Belle will draw you in, keep you moving, and give you something to hold on to.
Maggie Belle was formed by Brian Hunter and Maggie Belle in 2013 in New Orleans, LA.
Gaining inspirations from Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Pop, they create a unique sound of
their own. Maggie Belle has made appearances at New Orleans’ very own Jazz and Heritage
Festival and Bayou Boogaloo, Houston’s Splice Records River Revival Festival, and San Jose’s
Summer Jazz Festival. Maggie Belle recorded her first full length album amidst the
pandemic, all while working as a local registered nurse in the ICU.
Tonight will be the Houston album release of that album, Starting Anew.
Say Girl Say
Say Girl Say is a genre-bending multi-instrumental duo from Houston, Texas composed of members Brigette Yawn and Suad Ihsan, known for their hypnotic vocal harmonies, lyrical finesse, and entrancing melodies backed by eclectic instrumental production. What began as a casual friendship in 2012, grew into a local staple within Houston’s artist community. In May 2015, the band released their first self-titled record “Say Girl Say”, an all-acoustic album featuring ukulele, guitar, harp, and violin, accompanied by many sounds of worldly percussion. Since then, Say Girl Say’s sound has evolved over the years while writing and recording their sophomore album “Let My Hair Down”, which debuted May 2021. “Let My Hair Down” is a concept of finding yourself by stumbling through the human experience in search of love, empowerment, forgiveness, and compassion.