Join us at The Heights Theater for a special FREE event – featuring the art of George Holman (bio below) and music!

Main Stave Line-up:
6:00pm: Wrestlers (DJ Set)
7:00pm: Khris Royal
8:15pm: Wrestlers (DJ Set)
8:45pm: ishi
10:00pm: Wrestlers (DJ Set)

We welcome you to explore our fantastic neighbors on 19th Street in The Heights – and come catch some music, beverages, and art at The Heights Theater!


George R. Holman art exhibit and opening:
George Holman studied Psychology and Architecture at Oklahoma State University and the University of California at Berkeley, which probably explains his fascination with symbols, geometry, meaning, transcendence and the origin of form.
In 1975 he was asked to join the art faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas and the next year became chairman of the Visual Arts Program when it was first beginning. During his 5 year tenure there he completed hiring the rest of the faculty, with them developed a progressive program curriculum, and supervised the design and construction of the Visual Arts Building. He also taught interdisciplinary seminars with titles such as The Creative Process and Creativity and Consciousness.
After UTD he satisfied his creative drive with Architecture, design, and building.
Now again he paints, something that began in elementary school.
He’s lived in Oklahoma, Bolivia, California, and Austin and now resides in the North Oak Cliff area of Dallas, where he lives and paints in the home/studio he designed and built. It’s there that he enjoys reading, researching, realizing, rendering and every day.
He admits to still having great curiosity, a fire in his belly and his plan is to make and share art as long as he can and to tell a good story.