Texas soul singer-songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. Drawing inspiration from both retro soul & classic country, his debut full-length album, ‘Jean Leon’, is a 21st-century retro-pop eruption. Fit with buttery vocals, a pristine brass section, the sparkle of a vintage electric guitar, and the echoey twang of pedal steel, this album delivers an earnest recount of his past while looking to the future with bright eyes. It is the rare instance where you can expect to be enthralled with every track from start to finish.
Bitter, yet uplifting—Jean Leon is a healing, soulful exploration of faith from Micah. Searching for answers from God while searching his own heart, this debut album is a nod to the artists before him, as a young virtuoso who understands not just the heart, but the musical precision of retro-soul and country music. Someone who pays homage to Curtis Mayfield’s brilliance of guitar in early Impressions records and Etta James’ almost conversational vocal expression, while embracing his classic country songwriting influence through calculated storytelling employing the fiddle and steel guitar. Someone who respects and honors Leon Bridges, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Marcus King, Durand Jones & The Indications, Aaron Frazer, Michael Kiwanuka—but leans heavily into the sounds of this particular moment. This is a daring explorer who has created a unique fusion of retro and contemporary elements to defy what has been done before and craft a new genre: Texas soul.

Birthday Club is the project of Texas musician, songwriter and producer, Stephen Wells. Summoning an off-kilter, kaleidoscopic incarnation of sun-drenched indie pop, Stephen swirls together lush vocal harmonies and shimmering guitars with a sinister backdrop of brooding synthesizers.